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They say “don’t blink,” but sometime in the last year, we must have blinked
because we just woke up  and suddenly have a one year old.
Um…can someone explain to me how?

Though we don’t normally shoot kids, we thought a cake smash for WK sounded like a fun adventure.
And you know what?
It really was.
The…ahem…icing on the cake…was that I may have gotten to take a fork to that cake at the end of the day.  Ha!
(Thanks JuJu Beth’s Bakery)

She couldn’t believe she was allowed to do this.

I guess you could say things were getting pretty serious.

Seriously, though, a year ago, everyone warned us about the sleepless nights and the showerless days.
They told us that my hair would never be fixed, and they said I’d wear spit up as my new accessory.
They said sitting on the couch to watch tv would be a thing of the past,
and they said leaving on the spur of the moment would be impossible.
And, after a year, we’ve noticed that all those things can be true.
But, the thing that everyone forgot to tell us is that we just don’t care.
The love that we have for this sweet, tiny human is so much bigger than any of that.
And it’s so worth it.
Here’s to the adventures of the years to come!

  • MariH

    She is adorable Mrs. Henson😘😍happy birthday Winnie Kate 🎂🍰

  • Mariah

    Happy birthday🎂😘

  • Dawn Reaves

    Adorable!! Happy birthday to Winnie Kate.

  • Virginia Mabry

    Love, love, love this!

  • Karen Edgington

    Perfection! 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Abby

    I seriously cannot get enough. On a scale of 1-0 how weird would it be for me to have a canvas of one of these in my house???

  • Nadell

    Happy birthday to an adorable Baby who is blessed with a wonderful Christian family.

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