will + shelbey | engagement
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  • Carol Wilson

    I love the pictures as well as you two. I pray for a long life together for you and that you honor God with your life’s.

  • Chrissy

    The video, the pictures…freaking nailed it!! Loving these so much you guys!!

  • erin schmidt

    Ok, my jaw is literally dropped! This is amazing! The video, the photos, the emotion! I’m legit blown away!

  • Angelica Sanchez

    Beautiful video and pics!! May God bless you both and may your relationship be filled with happiness!!!!

  • Bobbi

    THAT LIIIGHHHTT!!! I love every single one of these 😀 😀 Amazing work friends… You nailed it!!!

  • Karen

    Can you help me find my socks- because they JUST LITERALLY GOT KNOCKED RIGHT OFF! This was amazing!!!! so good!

  • Carrie

    Wow. Goosebumps! What a beautiful session! Incredible work….

  • Natalie

    You guys. Whhhhyyyy do you do this to me?! I am so smitten with these images! I’m going to need you to come to Cincinnati and make my family look this good. Gesh!!! Fabulous job!

  • Kristine b

    The photos, the video.. both are perfection! What a gorgeous connection between these two. Amazing!

  • Megan Danser

    LOOOOOOVE!!! Is there anything you two can’t do?!?!? Perfection. The video. The photos. Perrrrrfection. Great job guys. Now more photos of Winnie please. xoxo

  • Caitlynn

    You two are so talented! I adore your style. That video is beyond amazing. Also, cracking up at the image of the dog in the vehicle. Ha!

  • Destinee

    Beautiful images! I’m in love with that video!

  • jenny grimm

    This killer video and imagery combo is KIIIIIIIIIIILER! Way to slow down life and help us focus on pretty light, two people in love, and priceless memories! XO

  • jacqie

    ahhhhhhh. this is perfection! love the video. can we say heart explosion??? rock on, you two!

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  • Desiree Blanton

    will and shelbey are just stink cute…. amazing job with video and pics…. i pray you guys have a wonderful marrage…. remember to keep christ as the center… love you guys

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