• What to Expect
    What to Expect

    Here’s how it all goes down…

    You can expect a great time, obviously, with some awesome photos of you at the end.

    We’ll start with make-up, and then head out to some fun locations.

    At some point, we may reference The Hunger Games. If you do the whistle from the movie, we will raise there fingers in the air, naturally.

    After the session is over, Zach will edit the images, and we’ll meet back together at our studio to show them to you. Think of it as a viewing party! Bring whoever you want!

    There, you can buy our boutique products (grad invites, canvasses, etc.) You can browse through all of those at the studio.

    Who frames hundreds of images of themselves as seniors? We’ve noticed that people won’t even PRINT that many, so we do the hard work and narrow it down for you. We give you the best of the best images…not the ones where your eyes are half closed or you are in mid-sentence. And that way you can actually print every single one instead of leaving them on your computer until it finally bites the dust. (PLEASE print them! We’re begging you!)

    Then, we’ll see you out in town, and we’ll hug, because, obviously, we’re best friends by now.

    Does that sound as fun to you as it does to us? Then, contact us ASAP. We book months in advance!