• Our Story
    Our Story
    We met in the church youth group when we were teenagers. We started out as friends, but when we decided we liked each other, we were both too shy to tell. We started dating in 1999, right before Sarah started college (because Zach finally asked me out.) After 6 years of dating, Zach popped the question. We got married in June, 2006, and we had all 6 (at the time) of our nieces and nephews in the wedding with us. Since then, we have been enjoying our time together. We love ministry and going on mission trips together (we have been on over a dozen.) We also love going on simple dates (like the drive-in movie theater.)

    We loved our wedding so much that we wanted to help other couples enjoy their special day, and in 2008, we were blessed to start documenting other couple’s wedding days. We LOVE spending time together, and we try to take time to enrich our marriage. That is our ultimate goal for our couples, too. We want them to enjoy their wedding day, but be focused on enriching their marriage, and we are excited that we have a job that enables us to do that.
About Zach
  • HUGE Atlanta Braves fan
  • Fantasy Football
  • Dan Patrick Show, anyone?
  • Still waiting to meet Michael Jordan
  • Loves "The Office"
  • Also loves Sarah
  • Is ready to go back to Disney World!
About Sarah
  • LOVES cats
  • Loves to bake!
  • Is ready to go back to Disney World, too!
  • TV stays on HGTV
Love Never Fails