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the risher family
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A FAMILY session?
If you know us at all, you know that we LOVE family, but we don’t photograph families.
We just don’t have the time.
BUT, we HAD TO make an exception for these guys.

See, Ryan and Devin were married less than a year ago.
(If you follow our blog, you probably remember seeing this sweet and hilarious duo.)
Just a few months after they were married, these two adorable boys entered their lives,
they needed love and a place to call home,
and Ryan and Devin knew they were meant to be a family.

Adoption is very near to our hearts,
so we asked these two if we could capture a bit of their lives.
We thought these boys needed to see some family pictures hanging on their walls!
Watch this quick video and just see if your heart doesn’t melt into puddle.

AND we can finally share these because TODAY WAS ADOPTION DAY!
These sweet boys are OFFICIALLY RISHERS!
They have their own room and are enjoying all the things that it means to be a family.
Like birthday parties and going to the movies…or just flying toy airplanes.

This says family to me. Beautiful and happy and loving and perfectly imperfect.
This is what these boys longed for.

Cutest boys ever!
Also, I can’t tell you how many times the twins¬†thanked us.
And hugged us.
And they even asked Devin to take a picture of us with them.
I mean….does it get sweeter?

Ryan and Devin, you know we love you guys.
And we can’t imagine the task of navigating the first year of marriage AND first time parenting (x2.)
But you all are doing a beautiful job. These boys are so blessed.
Thanks for letting us follow you on your journey!
Below is the iPhone pic the boys requested be taken with us. ūüôā

winnie kate | first birthday
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They say “don’t blink,” but sometime in the last year, we must have blinked
because we just woke up  and suddenly have a one year old.
Um…can someone explain to me how?

Though we don’t normally shoot kids, we thought a cake smash for WK sounded like a fun adventure.
And you know what?
It really was.
The…ahem…icing on the cake…was that I may have gotten to take a fork to that cake at the end of the day. ¬†Ha!
(Thanks JuJu Beth’s Bakery)

She couldn’t believe she was allowed to do this.

I guess you could say things were getting pretty serious.

Seriously, though, a year ago, everyone warned us about the sleepless nights and the showerless days.
They told us that my hair would never be fixed, and they said I’d wear spit up as my new accessory.
They said sitting on the couch to watch tv would be a thing of the past,
and they said leaving on the spur of the moment would be impossible.
And, after a year, we’ve noticed that all those things can be true.
But, the thing that everyone forgot to tell us is that we just don’t care.
The love that we have for this sweet, tiny human is so much bigger than any of that.
And it’s so worth it.
Here’s to the adventures of the years to come!

Hot 100 Recipient
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You guys know we’ve been a little bit busy lately, right?
Our little Winnie Kate has arrived and she’s just stolen our hearts!
(Follow us on Instagram @zach_and_sarah to see some pics of her!)
BUT…we’re finally¬†getting back into the business routine,
and we have some big news we’ve been waiting to share!

Hot 100 Senior Style Guide Winner
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the announcement that we won Top 100.
These are the most talented and creative people in the senior market, and we were so excited to be named among them.
What a HUGE honor, and we couldn’t be more thankful!
Huge thanks to Vickie and all the judges!
(Note…little WK is actually making an appearance in these photos-in my tummy!)


SOOOOOO….2017 seniors, on THURSDAY, we are finally opening up our class of 2017 calendar!
If you want in on the ZS senior experience, send us a message NOW and we will contact you on Thursday
and we’ll begin sending out info and booking dates.
We can’t wait to meet you class of 2017!

Merry Christmas
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miss fabulous pageant 2014
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We’ve been so excited to share these with you!

Sometimes in life, you get to come in contact with the best people.
People who have cool and creative ideas.
People who like to help other people.
This is a story about that.

If you follow our blog, you’ve seen part 1 of this from a few years ago.
See, Madison, our friend (and 2014 senior. Yes, you read that right. She’s now just a Freshman in college)
has been involved in beauty pageants for years.
She’s GREAT at it. Poised, beautiful, sweet, all those things.
She won “Fairest of the Fair” here, and even competed in the state pageant.
But she knew that true beauty is more than just looks, and she decided to showcase what true beauty looks like.,
AND she has always had a heart for those with special needs.
Thus, the “Miss Fabulous Pageant” was born.
It’s a pageant designed to let people in the special needs community shine.

Notice this contestant. She is our friend, Emily. Shout out to Emily!

What is a pageant without a little talent portion?

Every lady who competes gets a sash, crown, and flowers, and the guys who escort get a trophy.

There is no age limit, either, so anyone can participate.

You guys, this look says it all.

There is no doubt that a project like this takes A LOT of work.
I mean, last pageant had over 120 participants.
But, something like this is life-changing for those people involved.
And I’m not just talking about the contestants.
So, we want to encourage everyone to get involved with something like this.
You won’t regret it.

OH! And I almost forgot!
(Ok, no I didn’t. I just wanted to say that.)
Ever heard of a guy named “Kid President?”
If you haven’t, it’s past time to look him up.
Well, KP’s brother-in-law, Brad (and creative genius)
went to camp with Zach when Zach was in High School.
You guys, they are the kindest, most genuine, creative people you will EVER meet.
They practice what they preach.
And they smile….um…100% of the time.
Anyway, when they ask if they can borrow some Miss Fabulous images for their book, you say yes.
(And then secretly do a happy-dance, but try to play it cool…like it’s no big deal.)
I mean, we’re just happy to help tell the story.
And seriously, this book has been on the New York Times Best Sellers list for a MONTH.
And for such good reason.
It’s FULL of inspiring stories and creativity.
And Justin Timberlake.
If you haven’t picked your copy, ¬†go to Amazon now.
You won’t be sorry.

Special thanks to all those people out there who make someone else’s day brighter.
In the advice of KP,  Keep being awesome.

Oh, and since it’s Thursday, here’s a little iPhone #TBT for ya.
I’d definitely not make a good president. ūüôā