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cody + kayla | maternity
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We’ve known Cody and Kayla since college…
I won’t tell you how long ago that was. 😉
We took their wedding pictures back when we first started,
so we thought it be fun to reunite for a quick shoot.

When we met up that day, Kayla told us that these pictures really aren’t for her or even for Cody.
They are really for the baby.
So one day he can look back and see what mommy looked like,
and see how daddy looked so lovingly at mommy.
THAT is exactly why we want to take pictures.
We think it’s more like taking memories.
And I love what these memories look like.

Ummm…Ok, I’ll go ahead and say what everyone is thinking.
These two are going to have some gorgeous children.

I can see their kids one day flipping through albums with these pictures in them.
And do you know what?
They are going to cherish every single one.

Cody and Kayla, I don’t even have to tell you how much fun we had.
This day was great.
Hey, let’s hang out again sometime, ok?

cody + kayla | maternity | sneak peek
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marissa | maternity session
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I love seeing our wedding couples happy.
These two are a perfect example.
We shot their wedding nearly two years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long?!?
When they asked us to take some maternity pictures, we knew we wanted to showcase their 1st home together.
Because, first, they have been renovating, and their blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this charmer.
Second, the house is ADORABLE.
Props to you guys for the perfect decorating.

cookeville tn maternity session photo

Can’t you just imagine that baby all grown up and looking through albums with her first home?

cookeville tn maternity session photo

Hey! Look at all those awesome pics on the wall!
Look how cute this is!
Seeing our pics printed and hanging is my favorite thing.

cookeville tn maternity session photo

cookeville tn maternity session photo

cookeville tn maternity session photo
Those eyes! So pretty.

cookeville maternity session

My view.

cookeville tn maternity session photo

Zach’s view.

cookeville tn maternity session photo

Marissa, you are seriously stunning.

cookeville tn maternity session photo

Marissa, I know pregnancy isn’t a time in life when most ladies feel the most beautiful,
but I hope that you can see here what everyone else sees.
And that is pure joy and 100% beauty.
You are one of the most stunning expectant moms I have seen.

And, by the way, we’ve been veeeery good luck this year.
As in, people have delivered their babies early when they’ve had a session with us almost every time.
So, congrats on sweet baby Hensley! We can’t wait to meet her.

devin | maternity session | tennessee
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Maternity sessions are so fun because we know that these are likely to be some of the last pictures of a family of two.
Their world is about to change. Maybe it’s the “calm before the storm.”
I also love to think of the kids looking back one day at how mom and dad looked “back then.”

cookeville tennessee maternity session 01

For the first part of the session, we wanted a completely different look than a typical maternity session,
and I love how these turned out.

cookeville tennessee maternity photo 0

cookeville tennessee maternity photographer

Love this one!

cookeville tennessee maternity photographers 01

middle tennessee maternity photography

middle tennessee maternity photos

You two are going to be such great parents!
Just one word of advice….get her started early on sweet tea. 😉

brendan + vanessa | maternity
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Brendan and Vanessa are some really good friends of ours.
Fun fact, their wedding was among the first weddings we shot…way back in the day.
Vanessa is one of those pregnant ladies that just looks like she is hiding a basketball under her shirt.
You know, the kind that makes every other pregnant lady jealous because she literally IS “glowing.”
And she is, as they say, “All baby.”
It’s just not right for someone to look this adorable while carrying a human inside their body. 😉

cookeville maternity photography

cookeville maternity photographer

Vanessa, you’re beautiful.
Brendan, you’re not so bad, either.

cookeville maternity photographer 01

cookeville maternity photographer 02

I LOVE this.

cookeville maternity photographer 04

cookeville maternity photographer 03

cookeville tennesssee maternity photographer

cookeville tennesssee maternity photography


cookeville tennesssee maternity photographer 01

That is going to be one lucky baby.
He’s obviously bound to be adorable,
but he has parents (and extended family) who already love him and are so excited to meet him.
BTW, I can’t wait to meet him, either! 🙂
He’s going to do big things!