Welcome! We are Zach and Sarah, a husband and wife photography team who loves everything that goes along with love and weddings. The more creative, the better! We get excited about putting your special touch on your wedding day pics. As we shoot, we envision your grandkids cuddled up on the couch with you flipping through photos of your wedding day. Our motto is simple: Love never fails.

josh + kelley | mint springs farm wedding

Let me tell you a story in pictures….
Josh and Kelley’s wedding started out as a perfect day.

with a beautiful bride…

and a handsome groom.

They started out with their first look (which is always a sweet, sweet moment.)

I LOVE these portraits. And, I am especially happy that we got to take these before

out of the middle of nowhere, the skies opened up.
It was supposed to be a quick “pop-up” shower.

Can you believe that she smiled the whole time?

So, this flexible bridal party was willing to push the photos until after the wedding.
Oh, yeah…and, it was still sprinkling.

But, after all that rain came a beautiful sunset.
And these two were willing to stand out in the rain for this shot.
Worth it, right?

And, at the end of the day, these two were happy as clams, and it ended up being a perfect day!

summer | senior session

Warning: This post will make you want to live in the South.
And if it doesn’t make you crave sweet tea, that’s because you have never had the tea or palmer from her parent’s restaurant.
So…sorry for the shameless plug…but the people at Stroud’s know how serious I am about my tea.
If you’ve never had it, you need to change that.

On to the reason you’re here…
This girl.
We have known her since she was toddling around as a baby,
but in the past few years, we have really gotten to know her.
She has a heart of gold.
And a personality to match her contagious smile.
We tried to hit up some of her favorite spots (which meant careful planning….the fair only comes around once a year, guys.)

senior pictures at the fair

I can’t even handle these. Summer, pretty doesn’t even do it justice.

FAVORITE SONG: Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty

senior pictures at the fair01

FAVORITE MOVIE: I don’t watch a lot of movies, but I watch “Friends” with my mom every night before bed

senior pictures at the fair_02

FAVORITE THING TO DO ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON: going out on center hill lake

senior pictures at the fair_03


UNDISCOVERED TALENT: professional to-do lister

senior pictures at the fair_06

FAVORITE FOOD: mashed potatoes and s’mores (but not together)

senior pictures at the fair_04


senior pictures at the fair_05

And, just for fun, some of her BFFs (since they were toddlers) showed up and we snapped a few of them together.
FYI…one of the girls HATES cotton candy….which we found out AFTER she ate it.

senior pictures at the fair_07

ADVICE TO FRESHMEN: Be fearlessly who you are, and find something to be passionate about.

Those eyes…

senior pictures at the fair_08

ADVICE TO YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS: Christ died for you, and that is a huge deal. Love that, and use it as your drive.

senior pictures at the fair_09

Summer, we’re blessed because we know you.
And, we never like go to El Tap alone…so…you’re always welcome to join us.  ;)
We love you big time, and
We think you’re the cat’s meow.

will + janae | engagement session

When we first “met” these two, it was over SKYPE because they go to college in Arkansas.
And we immediately knew we’d like them because when our cat photobombed (SKYPE bombed?) us, they laughed.
That’s all it takes to be on our good side. ;)
Anyway, we’ve recently had several couples from Harding University, and we LOVE that
because, ironically, we used to go to summer camp there when we were teenagers.
And, we might have really fallen for each other during one of those weeks at Harding.
(1998. Can you BELIEVE that? Almost 20 years ago?!? Sheesh!)
So, couples from there are extra special to us.

Guys. You two are super adorable.

They were literally ALL SMILES all day.
Janae, you are beautiful, and it radiates out of your whole body.
I don’t think anyone could be in a bad mood around you.


Ok, ok, maybe this is my favorite.

We are SO excited about your wedding because if it is half as fun as this day was, we’re in for a treat!