Welcome! We are Zach and Sarah, a husband and wife photography team who loves everything that goes along with love and weddings. The more creative, the better! We get excited about putting your special touch on your wedding day pics. As we shoot, we envision your grandkids cuddled up on the couch with you flipping through photos of your wedding day. Our motto is simple: Love never fails.

hanna | senior session | sneak peek

mackenzie | senior session | sneak peek

alex + sarah | patten chapel | wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding at Patten Chapel on the campus of University of Tennessee Chattanooga?
If not, then take a little trip with us today.
Apparently, this chapel is iconic at the campus, and students clamor to reserve dates here.
I’ve even heard stories of people reserving dates BEFORE they were engaged-or even dating. ;)
And you’ll see why. This place speaks for itself.

Luckily, Alex and Sarah were the PERFECT couple to start their marriage here.
And also, they are just the perfect couple in general. 

Patten Chapel Wedding 01

Patten Chapel Wedding 02

You know….since they didn’t see each other before hand.
No peeking!

Patten Chapel Wedding 03

Patten Chapel Wedding 04

You are soooooooo pretty!

Patten Chapel Wedding 05

Patten Chapel Wedding 06

Patten Chapel Wedding 07

Patten Chapel Wedding 14

Shoutout to LemonDrop Productions (above) who were both IN the wedding and also recording it!

Patten Chapel Wedding 15

You two are precious.

Patten Chapel Wedding 08

Patten Chapel Wedding 12

And, of course, we couldn’t resist a few at the reception location.
Actually, I think Sarah suggested it, and you KNOW we were totally on board with a bride who asks for more pictures.

Patten Chapel Wedding 13

You guys, we are so happy for you!
Thanks for letting us be there for such an awesome day!