Welcome! We are Zach and Sarah, a husband and wife photography team who loves everything that goes along with love and weddings. The more creative, the better! We get excited about putting your special touch on your wedding day pics. As we shoot, we envision your grandkids cuddled up on the couch with you flipping through photos of your wedding day.

arielle | senior session | sneak peek

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brentwood tennessee senior photos

harrison + hayley | wedding | legacy farms

 If you spend about 3 minutes with this duo, you will want to be friends with them.
They are cute and fun and just all-around good people.
Oh, and did I say beautiful?

Moving on…we thought we’d start off showing you a tear-jerking moment.
See, Hayley’s grandmother passed away when Hayley’s mom was little.
And, as a treat for the wedding day, she let Hayley wear her grandmother’s ring.

legacy farms event center picture

First look love.

legacy farms wedding picture

You miiiight remember these two from their snowy engagement session.
Since it was June, we obviously had no snow, but it was only fitting that we battled rain all day.
So, if you look reallly close, you’ll see rain drops in the next shot.
(Don’t worry…they were under an awning.)
BUT, her nephew? I don’t even have to say how cute he is.

legacy farms wedding photo bomb picture

Oh, my heart.

legacy farms lebanon tn photo

First thought…I wanna be friends with all their friends…
Second thought…dang, Hayley! Model status.

legacy farms lebanon tn venue picture

legacy farms lebanon tn wedding venue

legacy farms wedding venue pictures

Like mother, like daughter.

legacy farms bride and mom

legacy farms brides room picture

Both mamas are in this picture…I know. You thought it was just the bridesmaids, right?
(P.S. I’m coming to visit you one day, Waldroms.)  ;)

legacy farms wedding photos

legacy farms wedding photos 001

lebanon tn wedding photos

legacy farms wedding photos 002

legacy farms wedding photos 03

legacy farms wedding photos

Stunning, Hayley.
Must canvas this one.

legacy farms wedding photos

Guys, this reaction was absolutely no surprise.
This is how they acted ALL. DAY.

legacy farms wedding photos

You two, next time you’re in Cookeville, call us and we’ll meet up…
And it won’t even be at McDonald’s this time.
Very best wishes for you and your awesome families.

rita | senior session | sneak peek

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brentwood tennessee senior photography