Welcome! We are Zach and Sarah, a husband and wife photography team who loves everything that goes along with love and weddings. The more creative, the better! We get excited about putting your special touch on your wedding day pics. As we shoot, we envision your grandkids cuddled up on the couch with you flipping through photos of your wedding day. Our motto is simple: Love never fails.

greg + esther | mint springs farm wedding

These two are fitness buffs…which you will see.
So, naturally,
When we met these two, we decided that we were going to go to Dairy Queen for blizzards,
and that Greg is going to give us the workout of our lives…
but not necessarily in that order.
And it still hasn’t happened. ;)
Anyway, get ready for some hot tamales, people.
ANNNNNNND, they are are sweet as they are good looking.

I love this picture because it shows who Esther is.
She was taking time out of her wedding day to be sure everyone felt important.


These two opted to see each other the traditional way….when she was coming down the aisle.
He didn’t get to look down for this pic and see her.
Oh, the suspense!

The sun was going down FAST, but these guys were so awesome and went in speed mode to get these shots.

You two are beautiful.



We really learn a lot about people on their wedding day.
It’s all sorts of stressful and fun and crazy.
But you two are the nicest, classiest, most genuine people, and we were honored to capture your day.
We’ve said it before, but we still need those blizzards!
Much love!

olivia | senior session

Do you ever just completely embarrass yourself?
‘Cause I do.
And this girl saw it all.
I know I like someone when they can laugh with me (ok, ok, or AT me) after said embarrassing incident.

See…she already looks like she’s laughing at me…

Favorite Song: Great I Am –  New Life Worship

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me

Olivia, you’re stunning.

Favorite Thing to Do on a Saturday Afternoon? Play with my 3 year old sister Scarlett!

Best Subject: Pretty evenly split between Science& English.

Undiscovered Talent: I love to write! I actually would like to write a novel at some point in my life.

Ok, here we go…I’ll go ahead and share how graceful I am…
I grew up playing in rivers and creeks, so Zach can attest, anytime I can get my toes in the water, I am a happy girl.
So I wasn’t even worried when I stepped in this creek and realized how unnaturally slick the rock was.
Zach was planning for the worst, but I was just making my way to the good spot…
and the next thing I knew, I was flat on my back in the water….in a skirt.
My clothes were soaked, and even my hair was wet.
I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a senior (or her mom) laugh so hard. 

Ummmm….actually….I did it on purpose to make you laugh, Olivia.
A few scrapes and bruises are the sacrifices I make for your pictures. ;)

Favorite Food: As any kid in highschool, pizza duh!

Favorite Memory from Highschool:  All of the basketball games. Especially the ones against Sparta.

LOVE this one.

Advice to Freshman: BE YOURSELF & BE CONFIDENT WHILE DOING IT. Do not let other peoples words define you. Be bold and stand up for what you believe in.

Advice to Yourself in 10 Years: Don’t lose sight of who created you and the purpose of why you’re on this earth. Stand up for Jesus and tell your testimony.

Olivia, what a FUN and unforgettable session!
Thanks for letting us be part of it.
You’re going places!

laken | senior session

We have known Laken since she was in about 7th grade.
We have been on several youth group trips together, and can definitely laugh at some of the same silly jokes.
She and her family are so special to us, and so we were SO excited when she asked us to take her senior pics.

Laken, you’re beautiful.
I mean, that bottom left shot wouldn’t typically be a favorite,
but this one is.
I LOVE it! And I’m dying over these colors!

Those eyes….

Not only is Laken an awesome model,
but she also likes to be behind the camera.

 One of the reasons that we love senior photography is many girls look at themselves and only see what they don’t like.
They don’t see the beauty that the rest of us see.
Laken, I hope you see your true beauty because you have it–inside and out.
You know how much we love you!